Winter Soup of Rainy Forest

Winter Soup

Here's the soup of music for your special occasion. Please enjoy while it's warm

Original Album by Masumi Hiyoshi 
2007/12/21 Release : AHM071221 / €\2,000(with tax included)

1. Knit from You
2. Winter PartyReal_col_Sound.png
3. Stars in ChampaignDoticon_red_Pen.png
4. Soup For Two
5. Yuki no Otogi-Banashi(A Fairy Tale of Snow)
6. Yuki-Daruma wo Tsukuri ni Ikou (Let's go make a snowman.)Real_col_Sound.png
7. 12/31 no Yoru (Night of December the 31st)
【Bonus Track】
・Shichu no aru Shokutaku
(Stew on a Dining Table: "Passionate Nadeshiko Theatre" Version)

Available at her live concert. You could also purchase by mailing. Please clarify your name, mailing address, and the number of the CD