Sora ga Oshietekuretakoto(What the Sky Taught Me) of Rainy Forest

Sora ga Oshietekuretakoto
(What the Sky Taught Me)

The way for me to be myself.

Original Album by Masumi Hiyoshi 
2008/10/10 Release : AHM081010 / €\2,000(with tax included)

1. Beyond That Hill
2. Train Along the CoastReal_col_Sound.png
3. Love Fading Out to the Blue Sky
4. Salad & Fruits
5. Happy Birthday
6. A Girl with Clovers
7. Sei-ran Kum-pu
8. What Life Is
9. The Day Your Wings ShineReal_col_Sound.png

Available at her live concert. You could also purchase by mailing. Please clarify your name, mailing address, and the number of the CD