Saku of Rainy Forest

Saku-Red Selection-

Original Album by Masumi Hiyoshi 
2010/3/29 Release : AHM100329 / €\2,000(with tax included)

1. Sakura Saku (Blooming Cherry)
2. Scarlet
3. Kawa (The River)
4. Too Much Love To Hide   
5. Kaze no Koi-bumi (A Love Letter via the Wind)
6. Akane-Zora (The Sun in the Dark Red)
7. Bright
8. Falling Flowers
9. Blizzard
10.Ai wo Mitsuketa Toki (When you found love)
11.What Life is
12. Eien no Shun-kan (Eternity out of the Moment)

Available at her live concert. You could also purchase by mailing. Please clarify your name, mailing address, and the number of the CD