Kaze no Koi-bumi(A Love Letter via the Wind) of Rainy Forest

Kaze no Koi-bumi  
(A Love Letter via the Wind)

The music for you when you are, in the scarlet wind of the autumn, thinking of the loved ones you could never reach

Original Album by Masumi Hiyoshi 
2008/10/10 Release : AHM081010 / €\2,000(with tax included)

1. Kaze no Koi-bumi (A Love Letter via the Wind)Doticon_blk_Movie.png
2. ScarletReal_col_Sound.png
3. Autumn GiftDoticon_blk_Movie.png
4. Kokuhaku (Confession of Hidden Love)
5. OctoberReal_col_Sound.pngDoticon_blk_Movie.png
6. Akane-Zora (The Sun in the Dark Red)Doticon_red_Pen.png
7. Lunatic Desire
8. Kawa (The River)
9. Watashi no Ai (My Love)

Available at her live concert. You could also purchase by mailing. Please clarify your name, mailing address, and the number of the CD