Eien no Syunkan(Eternity Out Of the Moment) of Rainy Forest

Eien no Syunkan
(Eternity Out Of the Moment)

On that summer day, in that place, there was all that shines

Original Album by Masumi Hiyoshi 
2005/10/1 Release : AHM051001 / €\2,000(with tax included)

1. Ai wo Mitsuketa Toki (When you found love)Doticon_red_Pen.png
2. Two of Us, Hidden in the Rain
3. Yoko Gao (The Side View of Your Face)
4. 8 Gatsu no Yo no Yume (Dream in a night of August)Real_col_Sound.png
5. Mahou no Te (The Magic Hands)
6. Ban-Ka (Late Summer)
 . Stay Alone in the Misty Night
 . Endless...
7. Eien no Shun-kan (Eternity out of the Moment)Real_col_Sound.pngDoticon_red_Pen.png

Available at her live concert. You could also purchase by mailing. Please clarify your name, mailing address, and the number of the CD.